99% Metribolone Powder Metyl-Tren Raws



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Melting point: 167.3~168.5°C
Assay: USP 98%+ by HPLC
Minimum Order: 5g

methyltrenbolone powder metribolone powder
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Metribolone powder, has many alias, methyltrienolone powder, methyl-trenbolone powder, m-tren powder, methyl-tren raws, it is one of the best steroids, muscle outbreak and it has incredible potency. Metribolone powder is a top muscles enhance product. With 1mg added to injection blends, it will be amazing and  it makes great difference.

Methyltrenbolone powder is very potent.

Metribolone powder (Methyltrienolone) is one of the strongest oral anabolic steroids ever produced. This agent is a derivative of trenbolone (trienolone), which has been c-17 alpha alkylated to allow for oral administration. This modification has created a steroid that is significantly stronger than its non-methylated cousin. Metribolone’s potency has been measured to be anywhere from 120-300 times greater than that of methyltestosterone, with greater dissociation between anabolic and androgenic effects.625 626 Milligram for milligram.

Metribolone powder / Methyltrienolone is a more active steroid than any agent sold on the commercial market, requiring doses as little as 0.5-1 milligram per day to notice a strong anabolic effect. Its potency is only matched by its relative toxicity, however, which has limited its modern use to that of laboratory research only. It’s common to add 1mg of metribolone to injectable blends, it does make a difference.

methyltrenbolone powder metribolone powder
methyltrenbolone powder metribolone powder

Tri-Tren 150 or Tri Tren 151?

Tri Tren 150 is a blend of 3 trenbolone:

  • 50mg tren ace;
  • 50mg tren enan;
  • 50mg tren hex;

It is a common blend product for powerful tren mix in many UG labs product list, but it’s a good idea to add 1mg of metribolone, that’s 1g for 1L, to make tri tren 151, it will be quite a different blend from regular tri tren 151.

Tri tren 151 blend is:

  • 50mg tren ace;
  • 50mg tren enan;
  • 50mg tren hex;
  • 1mg metribolone.

Upgrade your tri tren 151 now. Same for tri tren 180 and tren tren 200.

tri tren 180 tri tren 200 oil conversion ready to be sterile-filtered
tri tren 180 tri tren 200 oil conversion ready to be sterile-filtered

Metribolone powder profile.

Alias: methyltrienolone, Methyltrenbolone powder, Methyl trenbolone powder, Oral Tren
CAS ID: 965-93-5
M.F.: C19H24O2
M.W.: 284.39
Purity: 99.10% by HPLC
Melting point: 167.3~168.5°C
Appearance: Yellow or light yellow crystalline powder.

Methyltrienolone powder metribolone powder structure
Methyltrienolone powder metribolone powder structure

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