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Primobolone 100 mg/ml

Primobolone 100 / Primobolan Depot 100 / Primo 100

How to make 250ml Methenolone enanthate @100mg/ml ( recipe ) :
25 grams Methenolone enanthate powder
176.25 ml Grapeseed Oil
5ml benzyl alcohol = 2%
50ml benzyl benzoate = 20%
Commom Injectio: 100mg/ml.

Minimum order quantity: 100 ml.
Competitive offers will be provided according to your detailed orders.

100 ml of semi-finished Primobolone 100 mg/ml

Primobolone 100 is a slow acting in “Cutting”

The ester of this compound makes it slow acting, and thus means that injections can be less frequent. Bodybuilders using this steroid often follow a dosage schedule of 2-3 shots per week. With a half-life 10.5 days.

Primo E 100, as it is often called, is a very popular steroid among bodybuilders who are in the “cutting” phase of their training and dieting. This steroid is very mild in its nature and seems to work exceptionally well with calorie restricted diets.

primo e 200 oil
primo e 200 oil



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