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Good Manufacturing Practice Certification ★

Quality is Top Priority. Sustained and stable product quality, safe discreet shipping and good customer services are always the most important parts that we put our efforts on. owns a team with more than 11 years of experiences on AAS market. We do know that ensuring sustained and stable product quality is indeed a crucial aspect of steroid lab owners that wants to remain competitive and successful in the long run. A high-quality product can help a lab owner to build a strong reputation, retain bodybuilding customers, and attract more new ones.

To achieve the quality, Awesome Steroids often invests significant resources in quality control and assurance processes, GMP standard manufacturing techniques, closely monitoring the production process to identify and address any potential issues, professional and experienced team for manufacturing to ensure the stability. Our raws are also being sent to some independent 3rd party labs for HPLC testing, such as, lab4toxJanoshik. Welcome to sample and test our products.

We work with top level logtistic couriers, which have the ability to send products quickly and safely worldwide. Our happy and supportive sales team is ready. Emails or messages are replied within 4h, usually 15mins.

Buy our high quality (CGMP standard) generic injectables & peptides in vials, stick your brand labels and get the ball rolling directly. Nearly no extra charges on machines, light the weight!!
OR, invest some funds on machines, build up your line and produce your own now.
Not for you? No worries! This is not for all lab owners. We also offer alternative machines for small labs, eg., semi-auto tablet pressor or other portable devices for small labs. Tell us your requests.
You could spend less time, efforts and costs on machine with us.

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Top Quality

Lab tested done by janoshik and labmax

Prompt delivery

24h shipping out + 48h tracking info

Discreet packing

Professional discreet packing

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