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Frequently asked Questions

Let’s make it easier.
Send us an email to aweaas@pm.me with the following details:

  1. Products name and amount:
  2. Payment preferred:
  3. Country:
  4. Whatsapp/Telegram/Session ID:

An exmaple order:

Hi,  I’m John, i would love to order:
tren ace 500g,
test prop 500g,
mast prop 100g,
shipping to FL, US.
Payment preffered: btc.
My whatsapp number is +1 234 5678999,
let’s chat there for some quick questions.


With the above order details offered, we could soon be able to reply and quote more quickly and more efficiently.
Thanks in advance.

All orders will be processed after payment is cleared. Orders will be shipped out the soonest in one workday.

After your order is shipped out, tracking number for it will be updated usually in 2-3 days.

We look forward to give us your feedback and refer us to your friends.

Full price list for regular orders is here.

For bulk orders, shoot us a message aweaas@pm.me 

Best prices quotation could only be offered according to product form(powder or liquid), the amount, your country customs and shipping method, etc; The bigger the orders, the more the discounts.

If you’re in the business, I bet you know what it means.

International shipping to:

USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, UK, Germany(Deutschland), Spain, Greece, Slovakia(Slovensko), Czechia(Česko), Hungary(Magyarország), Netherlands(Nederland), Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Moldova, Russia, Belarus(Беларусь), Ukraine(Україна), Lithuania(Lietuva), Romania, Bulgaria(България), South Africa, Egypt(مصر), Iraq(العراق), Kuwait(الكويت‎), United Arab Emirates(الإمارات العربية المتحدة), Turkey(Türkiye), India, South Korea(대한민국), Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines(Pilipinas), Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand(ประเทศไทย).

Country not listed? Contact us.

Awesomesteroids team ensures that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion and prepared with the utmost care and precaution, specifically to minimize parcel seizure and detection rates.

Besides USPS, UPS, DHL, FEDEX, we have many other options for high success package arrival. Several other methods like Royal registered mail will be used where International Express Line is unavailable.

Orders are usually shipped out in 2-3 days after payment.

Lead time is 8-25 days, according to delivery courier selected.

Our shipping success rate for regular orders is above 97% for regular countries for orders under 10kg; For bulk orders, 10kg – 500kg, the number is 99%+ in the past year.

To tough customs, the average success rate is about 84%.

To regular countries, free reshipment is available for original-price orders (Prices for 100g or under); for discounted-price orders (prices for above 100g), we’re only able to reship a part with free charges, or free full reshipment which will be splited in 2~3 new orders.

Tough customs countries: Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, France, Sweden.
We’re reshipping to tough customs with extra costs charged on your side, start from us$100.

Read more about our terms and conditions.

Tracking codes will be provided if your requested, via temp message in secure message app.

Estimated shipping time

Shipping Time15-20 days7-10 days7-10 days15-20 days8-20 days10-15 days10-15 days
PackageDisguiseFoil BagDisguiseDisguiseDisguise/Foil BagDisguise/Foil BagDisguise
Remark     One parcel could
ship 50-100kgs
CountriesNetherlandsU.K.GermanyPolandSpainPortugalCzech Republic
Shipping Time10-12 days5-7 days7-10 days10-12 days10-12 days10-12 days10-15 days
Remark Steady and Safe Way for Big Parcels 5-20kgs to EU Countries 
CountriesIranSouth AfricaEgyptKazakhstanIsraelNew ZealandTurkey
Shipping Time10-15
7-10 days10-15
Remark FedEx

Submit a customer support ticket here.

Double check any information you entered while ordering, make sure they’re correct.

If the order was shipped out, we may not be able to fix it.

It totally depends on your order size. We will adjust order size accordingly.

Crypto currencies:
BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, Monero/XMR and so on.

Bank transfer,
Western union,
Paypal (for customers who ordered at least 3 times)

Easy instructions and guide to crypto currencies including sending bitcoin, guide-to-crypto-currencies.

money gram(unavailable so far),
Escrow alibaba(unavailable so far).
We will update here once they are available.

Payment instructions will be provided ONLY via email aweaas@pm.me, no else where.

We could choose NO Signature Services for you if available in your country. No extra charges. P.O. box could be used for shipping.

Free shipping

On all orders above $300

Easy reship

Free reshipping policy

7-25 Days International

Worldwide safe delivery

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