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Bitcoin guide

Guide to Crypto Currencies

There are multiple popular kinds of crypto currencies, bitcoin, ethererum, litecoin, usdt, doge, BNB, and so on. Why we should use it? This is a simple guide to crypto currencies with videos.

It’s anonymous. Any payment can be completed from multiple accounts, a single wallet can have as many as you want receiving address and a different one for sending funds. Account verification/validation might be mandatory for Bitcoin Exchanges, places where you can buy the coins, but you don’t need to do this for your personal wallet or wallets.

Bitcoin is not backed by any single bank or country. It’s decentralized. There is no authority to block a bitcoin transaction. And there are no reasons to do so. You already know it, Western Union and MoneyGram transactions could be blocked sometimes for a reason that might be from a good one to the most stupid one. A blocked transaction will require your time and additional costs to resend us the payment.

It requires significantly less time for payment confirmation. We might need 1-2 days to process and confirm your Western Union and MoneyGram payments and 10-20 minutes for the Bitcoin ones. Faster your payment will be confirmed, faster we will ship your order and faster it will be delivered!

365 days a year and 24 hours a day – Bitcoin payments are always available. Just make sure that your Internet connection is up and running. It’s like PayPal, credit/debit cards or any other online payment method you are used to, but with a much higher level of anonymity.


The easiest way you can buy bitcoins directly with your debit or credit card. Click on following links for more details:

CASH APP (Credit Card, Debit Card)

BRD WALLET (Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfers)

Pay with (PayPal-like service, pay with your Credit or Debit card)

Coinbase (Bank Transfers. Credit and Debit Card may Require Bank Authorization)

BlockChain (Credit Card, Debit Card)

Bitcoin ATM’s (Credit Card,Debit Card)






All orders on will be dealt by email If you are ready to order and need bitcoin or usdt address for payment, please kindly ONLY send email to the above email, thanks.

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