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Anabolic Steroid Powders Displacement Chart

After steroid powders are dissolved in solvents, the grand total volume of the blend will be increased, but how much it will be for each product? Here are some data for the powders’ displacement testing.

Displacement Data:

  • Testosterone base – 1g Displaces 0.895mL
  • Testosterone propionate – 1g Displaces 0.910mL
  • Testosterone enanthate – 1g Displaces 0.943mL
  • Testosterone cypionate – 1g Displaces 0.909mL
  • Testosterone decanoate – 1g Displaces 0.962mL
  • Testosterone isocaproate – 1g Displaces 0.935mL
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate – 1g Displaces 0.885mL
  • Trenbolone acetate – 1g Displaces 0.848mL
  • Trenbolone enanthate- 1g Displaces 0.909mL
  • Nandrolone decanoate- 1g Displaces 0.962mL
  • Masterone propionate – 1g Displaces 0.935mL

Looking for a calculator for making steroid oils? Check our steroid powder calculator and these data can be used here.

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  1. jhon Matriz

    Hi, would you know what the displacement weight is for boldenone and primobolan?

    1. Hello,

      the density of boldenone undecylenate raw is 1.055g/ml (purity 99%+, liquid form at room temperature, 25 degree C), which means, 1 gram of boldenone undecylenate displaces approx. 0.998 ml. It varies upon temperature.

      According to our past brewing data, 1 gram of methenolone enanthate raw displaces 0.755 ml (purity 99%+, crystal flake or powder form at room temperature, 25 degree C).

      Hope it helps!

      1. jhon Matriz

        respect to benzyl alcohol is always 2% for everyone
        What would be the best benzyl benzoate for each oil based steroid?
        18% Bb???
        Thank you for all the information it is very helpful

        1. 20% of benzyl benzoate (BB) is commonly used for most steroids, but it all depends on which steroid it will be.

          For examples,
          10% of BB for boldenone undecylenate @300mg/ml, some even use no BB for it;

          20% ~ 30% of BB for boldenone acetate @100mg/ml, higher BB means more post injection pain.

          We’ve put some recipes for reference here:

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