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How Much Steroid Powders Should Be Added?

To produce a certain amount of steroid oils, we gonna need to use a steroid powder to oil calculator online. So we know how amount for the ingredients, raw steroid powders, carrier oil, ba and bb.


BA = benzyl alcohol;  BB = benzyl benzoate;  GSO = grape seed oil;  test enan = testosterone enanthate.

For example, if we are going to make 1,000mL of testosterone enanthate oil @ 300mg/mL, according to the calculator above and the ratio of solvents (BA : BB = 1 : 9), we are going to need
20 mL of BA,
180 mL of BB,
517.10 mL of GSO,
300 g of test enan powder.

Now, is it actually the correct amount of powders to make real 300mg/ml? Not really yet, if we use test enan powder whose purity is 98.5%, and we use put 300 grams, then the concentration comes out @ 295.5mg/ml. Then how much test enan powder should we use?

Easy to answer! Yeah, we need 300g of test enan powder, that’s true, but we were assuming that the purity was 100%. So the amount of 98.5% test enan powder we need is: 300 g / .985 = 304.57 g. Let’s do it 305 g!

Now the amount of powder have been changed, we have to adjust the amount GSO. The ratio for BA:BB is confirmed. So we need to change the amount of GSO. We do know there are extra 5 g of test enan powder, the displacement (after dissolved, test enan powder displacement is 0.943mL per gram) will be around 4.7mL, we reduce 4.7mL of GSO, then the grand total will be 1,000 mL and the concentration is 300 mg/mL. It is:

20 mL of BA,
180 mL of BB,
512.4 mL of GSO,
305 g of test enan powder(98.5%).

The oil will come out testosterone enanthate @ 300mg/ml, does that mean we will get 300 mg of testosterone after injecting 1 mL of this oil? Check the answer here: How Much mg Are Actually In Your Steroid Oils?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.

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