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trenbolone acetate powder tren ace powder

About “Tren Cough”

What is Tren cough?

Tren cough is one of the side effects of trenbolone injection and a bad awful one which most people would never want to have it again. We have to point out that it is not something you get used to nor is it a way to determine if the gear is genuine. And it is not everyone and not everytime either.

How exactly does tren cough happen?

It is thought that the coughing fits are due to rush of oil into the bloodstream which get lodged in the fine vessels of the lungs (pulmonary oil microembolism), and tren probable got lung tissue irritant properties, this is not proven but seems somewhat dependant on the quality of the oil, BA used , the strength of the solution, etc . So , it is a good idea to make sure you are injecting deep into the muscle tissue.

It happens when you knick a vein and it binds in the bloodstream and acts as a severe bronchodiolator, because when oil is injected into a vein, oil begins to form into little globules due to minor turbulance, and when oil / blood hits heart, turbulence in heart causes oil to form into tiny little globules, the little globules hit lungs, block capilleries, cause shortness of breath/respiratory distress. And you can even have a metallic taste in the mouth while you get the cough.

How to prevent or avoid Tren cough ?

*** Try ro reduce the amouts of dosages you are injecting so far, do it every other day;

*** If you inject trenbolone slowly that the cough will not happen either at all or as much, such as inject 0.5ml in 30 – 40 seconds , do something in the meantime and inject another 0.5 ml and keep going until you are done;

*** You can also put tren through a slin pin which will further reduce the chance of you getting tren cough;

*** And when you are doing your injection of tren, try to avoid to hit a vein, try to simply go straight into just muscle;

Hope these help.

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